Aromatherapy Hand Sanitiser 50ml
Aromatherapy Hand Sanitiser 50ml
Wax Movement

Aromatherapy Hand Sanitiser 50ml

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While the world pauses in hibernation, we at Wax Movement have committed to refocus our energy and efforts, to bring our customers premium quality hand sanitisers with the Wax Movement twist.

Our recently released Lemon Myrtle Anti-bacterial spray and gel, contains 70% ethanol, which is very effective at killing germs. We have fused the uniquely powerful and natural Lemon Myrtle Essential Oil to bring you a product you can depend on. 

Our newest range of Anti-bacterial sprays are hand made in our Sydney studio and infused with our aromatherapy signature blends.

This new formulation contains a slightly higher 80% Bio-Ethanol, which is derived from plants and feed stocks, which means it’s less taxing on the environment and as with our other products is vegan friendly.

In addition, this convenient and easy to use spray and gel formulation also contains Aloe Vera to reduce hand dryness and soothe your skin.

Instant Hand Sanitiser kills 99.99% of germs.

NEW Anti-bacterial Hand Sanitiser Range:

Free Spirit - Orange, Lime & Lavender.

​​Stress Head - Bergamot, Geranium & Lavender.

Anxiety Overload 2.0 - Bergamot & Frankincense.

Scatterbrain – Rosemary, Sage & Lavender.

Sage – Simple and cleansing.

Hand Sanitiser Spray Directions: Simply spray sanitiser directly onto hands or surfaces and allow product to dry. No need to rinse.

Hand Sanitiser Gel Directions: Apply a small amount of hand gel to the palm of your hand and rub together thoroughly until your hands are dry.

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