Circle of Life Hoop Earrings
Circle of Life Hoop Earrings
Circle of Life Hoop Earrings
Circle of Life Hoop Earrings
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Circle of Life Hoop Earrings

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This lovely design belongs to our circle of life collection. The circle represents timelessness, one’s whole self, eternity, wholeness and original perfection. Find your true self and gift it all the love it deserves by wearing this timeless piece.

These decent circle hoop earrings can spark up any look. From fancy to formal, the elegance of these earrings is unmatchable. Furthermore, you can get this piece in colours ranging from yellow gold, rose gold and silver.

All of our minimalistic earrings come in a small black triangle purse made from eco-friendly vegan leather. You will also receive a small booklet with detailed instructions on how to take care of these beautiful pieces.

Gift these earrings to a loved one on a special occasion to bring a smile to their face and contentment to their heart, or purchase it for yourself to add a gorgeous set of earrings to your personal collection.


35mm diameter 304 grad stainless steel hoops with 15mm diameter 304 grad brushed stainless steel disc

Rose Gold and Yellow Gold - 18K gold plated Stainless Steel
Silver - Stainless Steel

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