Stop This Injustice Reusable Cup
Stop This Injustice Reusable Cup
Stop This Injustice Reusable Cup
Stop This Injustice Reusable Cup
Stop This Injustice Reusable Cup

Stop This Injustice Reusable Cup

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Limited Edition Vegan Coffee Cup!

Only 50 of these Vegan Reusable Cups have been produced. Once all sold, they won't be reprinted. Each cup's Limited Edition Run Number will be hand written on our business card.

What better way than to enjoy your coffee (with Soy milk of course!) and know you are also doing a good thing for our planet. Our Vegan Reusable Coffee Cup is Barista approved and could even spark a conversation about Veganism next time you are out and about. Made from premium material, our Vegan Cup is a great birthday or Christmas gift idea. So choose the eco-friendly vegan option and reuse this limited edition coffee cup over and over again. You'll not only save money but you will also be reducing the amount of disposable coffee cups going into landfill.

The story behind this design: Incredibly most people still believe that cows produce milk just for us to consume. In fact, just like us humans, a cow will need to give birth to her baby in order to start lactating. Her baby will most likely be killed if he is male and sold as veal. A small percentage of girls born will be kept to "replenish the dairy herd" while the rest will also be sold as veal. Her babies are taken away shortly after birth, causing her great distress but this cycle is repeated over and over until a cow is deemed as spent. Her milk, made for her babies will have been taken from her and turned into a vast range of dairy products. There is nothing just or kind about the dairy industry. It is now time to Stop This Injustice! Be Vegan. Go Vegan. Vegan For The Animals. Vegan For Our Planet. Vegan For Life.

350ml Capacity

BPA Free

Made in Australia

Designed exclusively by VP4A, you won't find another Vegan drink cup like this anywhere else on the market!

Easy snap on leak proof lid with plug.

Dishwasher and microwave safe.

Decorated with "Stop This Injustice" design

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