The Vegan NSW mission is simple! To inspire new vegans, sustain the vegan community, and support the vegan movement, and we are confident that through our markets, and Marketplace we are doing just that!

With the outbreak of COVID-19 and the devastating impacts it has had on a global scale, we put our heads to the task of navigating this brave new world and thus the Vegan NSW Marketplace was born.

A marketplace, outside a market space!

Just like our physical markets in both Sydney and Newcastle, Marketplace is a curated space where creators of vegan food and products can connect to like-minded consumers; where the vegan community can find quality, ethically made vegan products and where those who are interested in veganism can learn about just how easy it can be.

Supporting small vegan makers and producers is what we do best, and with your help we'll continue to see the vegan movement and community grow, thrive and stay well. 


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