What type of businesses can list?

All businesses listed on Marketplace are 100% vegan and cruelty free, all the time.

This means you can purchase with 100% confidence and ensure you are only supporting businesses who align with your values and those of Vegan NSW.

What is the delivery policy?

Each Seller manages their own delivery, so check their shop as it will list their individual delivery time-frame.

Typically delivery will be between 2-7 days, or you can arrange to pick your order up. (Sellers will always maintain social distancing processes too!)

What is the packaging policy?

Product packaging must be either compostable including cutlery and utensils (referable) or recyclable, with minimum use of plastic

Single use service ware must be compostable and certified to AS4736 - Australian commercial compost standards in Australia and New Zealand

We remain committed to a single use plastic free market & marketplace (where possible)

How can I track my order?

You can visit the order status page to check the progress of your order as it's fulfilled.

You can choose to add a phone number or email to receive shipping updates after you complete your  order

What if my order is late?

Each Seller manages their own delivery, so check their shop time-frame and if your delivery is late contact them directly via the platform.

You will receive tracking for our order too, so can check time-frames with the delivery partner listed on your tracking. 


What is the refund policy?

Here are our simple rules of return:

  1. Refunds are determined by each seller
  2. Due to COVID-19, returns will not be accepted/necessary if the seller does not wish to

What is the credit card fee?

All card payments using Australian cards are as follows;

Visa/Mastercard: 1.60% + A$0.30

Amex: 2.80% + A$0.30

All card payments using foreign cards are as follows;

2.80% + A$0.30

What is the suggested donation for?

We accept any amount with gratitude, particularly knowing that so many have been negatively impacted by COVID-19.

We ask for donations in order to continue to help Vegan NSW to support local businesses, musicians and educators.

Vegan NSW provides a platform for cruelty free and plant based living during and beyond the pandemic situation.

Donations ensure we can be and stay ready for when markets can resume and keep staff employed

What is the dispute resolution policy?

Each Seller manages their own shop so if you have any issues please contact them directly via the platform.

If a case hasn’t been resolved in three days please let us know via our Contact Us section and we can intervene and assist with a resolution.

What regulations do your Sellers comply with?

All Sellers are required to comply with all applicable laws and regulations.  We also require them to verify that Single use service ware must be compostable and certified to AS4736 - Australian commercial compost standards in Australia and New Zealand.

They also must hold Current Liability Insurance up to $20 million.

How can I ask the Seller a question?

You can ask Sellers questions by clicking on the “Ask a question” button at the bottom of each product 

You can view the history of your communication with Sellers in the My account section of the Shopify store.

What is your COVID-19 policy?

Vegan NSW  COVID-19 WHS Policy

This policy outlines the requirements for Vegan NSW activities in relation to preventing the potential transmission of COVID-19.  It applies to all volunteers, staff, board members, and contractors whilst undertaking Vegan NSW activities.  

A key underlying principle of the policy is the assumption that all individuals and surfaces may facilitate virus transmission.


Whilst undertaking all Vegan NSW activities:

  • Follow all directions of the Chief Medical Officer of Australia, and equivalent state authority, as a minimum requirement
  • All activities should be conducted online
  • If any activity cannot be conducted online due to the nature of the task, the activity must be approved in advance by the CEO (or in relation to the Board, by the President).
  • The CEO or President will consider the level of risk, what plans are in place to manage the risk, and the importance of the task to the conduct of current operations
  • A log kept of exceptions
  • Requests for exceptions will require a plan detailing the precautions that will be put in place; the plan must include, but is not limited to:
    • Interpersonal distancing of 1.5m at all times, with a maximum of 1 person for every 4 square metres, and a maximum of 2 people
    • Pre and post sanitising of surfaces, hand-washing, and cough & sneeze hygiene
    • No sharing of items and equipment (such as pens, microphones) unless sanitised between use
    • Colour coding of equipment (via sticker, ribbon, label or mark) showing who is the only or current user
    • Provision of surface sanitising and hand-washing facilities, tissues and disposal facilities
    • Keeping a personal record of any accidental break in precautions, to assist contract tracing in case of any later diagnosis
    • An agreement to remind fellow participants of hygiene practices without this being deemed as an offence
    • Communication about and agreement to the above arrangements by all participants, prior to the meeting time

All Vegan NSW are encouraged to practice similar precautions and record keeping outside of Vegan NSW activities, for their own and the overall community’s protection.