Beauty Internal Infusion
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Beauty Internal Infusion

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A purifying blend with skin illuminating and enlivening properties. Gently cleansing internally and regenerating on a cellular level.  Light, delicate taste.


Horsetail stimulates the lymphatic system and is rich in silica.

Red clover assists with hormonal acne imbalances and chronic skin conditions.

Nettle brings circulation to the skin's surface.

Rosella vitamin c antioxidant rich.

Rose petals refresh and soften.

Papaya encourages youthfulness of skin.

Burdock root soothes itchy and inflamed skin and encourages the release of toxins.


I illuminate from within.




    Aesculus hippocastanaceae (horsetail)

    Trifolium pratense (red clover)

    Urtica dioca (nettle)

    Hibiscus sabdariffa (rosella)

    Rosa centifolia (rose petals)

    Carica papaya (papaya)

    Arctium lapa (burdock root)


    all organic

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