Botanical Perfume Oil Song
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Botanical Perfume Oil Song

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InScent Botanical Perfume Oils


-Our perfume oils are created using perfumery principles

-100% natural botanical ingredients

-Made in small batches in Orange NSW

-To be used with Intent


This soft floral melody will transport you to a garden at dusk,

 Close your eyes listen to your heart

Blend developed to be used with In Scent intention beads or as a skin perfume

Promoting  a return to self, time to renew your inner power



Peru Balsam

Comforting, unconditional love, deep reaching - warm


Liberation of boundaries - astuteness


Encourages focus, strength and fortitude


Luminescent truth revealing whole self - angelic

Rose Geranium

Heart opening, transformative protective

Ylang Ylang

Encouraging awakening confidence of self


Uplifting energetic joy bringing


Reminding of your destiny- compassion - reconciliation

Pink Pepper

help enhance alertness, stamina and focus

Carrier oils of Camelia oil and Coconut Oil


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