Calm Internal Infusion
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Calm Internal Infusion

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Slip into calmness with a nurturing blend of botanicals to soothe frayed nerves. Beautiful any time of the day to instill relaxation or before bed to dive into a deep slumber.

Floral, herbal. comforting taste.


Bacial Skullcap helps to calm mental agitation.

Oats seed combats insomnia soothing the nervous system. 

Lemon balm calms anxiety and restlessness.

Rose petals unwind and ease the mind.

Valerian releases muscle tension and induces deep and healing sleep.

Lavender nurtures anxious energy.


I am peaceful, I am calm 




    Scuttelaria bacialensis bacial skullcap

    Avena sativa oats seed

    Melissa officinalis lemon balm

    Rosa crntifolia rose petals

    Valeriana officinalis valerian

    Lavandula officinalis Lavandula angustifolia lavender


    all organic

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