Dairy is Scary
Dairy is Scary

Dairy is Scary

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'Not My Mum Not My Milk' refers to the fact that we are the only species of mammals who continue to consume milk beyond the age of weaning, from cows!

Diary is a multi-billion dollar industry requiring the constant insemination and abuse of female cows. Once a cow gives birth her baby is removed within days, leaving many many unwanted male calves which are either raised as veal or sent to slaughterhouses. The milk intended for her calf is sucked away and sold... all for human taste buds.

We believe in the yogic principal of ahimsa - non-harming. Consuming milk & diary products contributes to this systematic cruelty of millions of lives, as well as the largest source of environmental degradation.
If you think Dairy is Scary, share the message. Choose a peaceful diet. It's good for your gut and your karma!

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