Forks Over Knives Plan by A Pulde & M Lederman
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Forks Over Knives Plan by A Pulde & M Lederman

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From the creators of the groundbreaking documentary comes the New York Times bestselling diet plan Sanjay Gupta called "the prescription you need to live a long, healthy life"-a plan to transition to a delicious whole-foods, plant-based diet in just twenty-eight days.


The trailblazing film Forks Over Knives helped spark a medical and nutritional revolution. Backed by scientific research, the film's doctors and expert researchers made a radical but convincing case that modern diseases can be prevented and often reversed by leaving meat, dairy, and highly refined foods off the plate and adopting a whole-food, plant-based diet instead.


Now, The Forks Over Knives Plan shows you how to put this life-saving, delicious diet into practice in your own life. This easy-to-follow, meal-by-meal makeover is the approach Doctors Alona Pulde and Matthew Lederman (featured in the documentary) use every day in their nutritional health practice-a simple plan that focuses on hearty comfort foods and does not involve portion control or worrying about obtaining single nutrients like protein and calcium.

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