Neo Gorgeous Green Tea Jar 120g
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Neo Gorgeous Green Tea Jar 120g

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Our Gorgeous Green Tea is available in our famous Neo 120g Tea Jar - excellent for displaying and storing your tea!

Made from a special blend of Japanese-style, organic green tea, strawberries, cornflower and sunflower, it helps to invigorate and stimulate your system. Containing double the antioxidants when compared to black tea, our Green Tea is also high in Vitamin C and has been known as natural source of fluoride.

Benefits of Green Tea

  • High in Vitamin C
  • Known as a natural source of fluoride
  • Invigorating & stimulating
  • Double strength antioxidants
  • Minimal caffeine
  • Great taste!

Gorgeous Green Tea Refill Packs AVAILABLE

Refill and replenish your Green Tea 120g Jar with our Gorgeous Green Tea 140g Large Refill Pack or our Gorgeous Green Tea 75g Small Refill Pack.

Tip: Green tea can be served hot or chilled with strawberries for a more refreshing taste!

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