Inca Artisan Hand Rolled Incense from Brazil
Inca Artisan Hand Rolled Incense from Brazil
Inca Artisan Hand Rolled Incense from Brazil
Inca Artisan Hand Rolled Incense from Brazil
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Inca Artisan Hand Rolled Incense from Brazil

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Sampler set of Eight long burning incense sticks

These are artisanal hand rolled and all natural.

This fabulous set of eight is the perfect way to experience this incense

you will recieve one long burning stick of each of the following beautiful aromatic natural incense


Natural, Handmade and Therapeutic Incense

Each rod burns for approximately 110 min.

 Composition: Inca Vegetable Base,  aromatic concentrated oil, Charcoal, Frankincense and coarse salt



 A sophisticated incense

Together with the properties of Breuzinho it produces a woody and softly sweet aroma, anchoring an energy of clarity, reality, structuring and material prosperity.

a noble and coveted wood. The aromatic oil extracted from its trunk is the basis for some of the most well-known perfumes worldwide.

Cedarwood is used whenever calm and composure are required.



 Intense clearing

Clove possesses a strong, warm, spicy aroma free your space from negative energies with this intense clearing aroma that traditionally  draws wealth and prosperity



Incense of love

Brazillian Cherry the incense of love Its white and delicate flower has a sweet aroma, appreciated by bees, and its fruit can be vibrant red, yellow, orange or purple. The essential oil extracted from leaves and flowers has a greenish color, a unique scent both strong and fresh with woody notes.



A happy comforting marriage Apple with Cinnamon is the perfect harmony duo this warm and sweet aroma remains in the environment for a long time, filling places with soft energies and promoting love, affection and care for others



Jasmine means "Heavenly Happiness", its sweet and mild aroma, much in demand by the most traditional perfumers in history, has anti-stress and aphrodisiac properties.

Mandarin is a flower with a fruity aroma with very light citrus notes, which provide energies of deep relaxation.

The aroma of these two flowers, combined with the therapeutic properties of Breuzinho Incense, results in a very pleasant aroma incense, which spreads energy of softness and delicacy throughout the environment. Natural, Handmade and Therapeutic Incense



promotes a sweet atmosphere

A soft velvety aroma that promotes a sweet atmosphere, Countless rituals involving honey around the world have been and still are performed with the aim of guaranteeing and promoting a long and prosperous life, so subtle and warm



 A purifying experience

Lemongrass Capim Cidreria

Lemongrass is an aroma that brings an enormous feeling of calm and relaxation - ideal for busy environments and where stress tends to affect everyone. The strong, citrusy but sweetish odor calms and relaxes the mind and provides a feeling of rest, allowing people to recharge their energies.



PRIPRIOCA Sweet fresh woody

Sweet fresh woody and spicy with floral notes

 Native to the Amazon, Priprioca is a species of grass with little flowers at the tips. The roots of this grass form tubers.

Related to other nut sedges (such as tigernut), priprioca roots release a light, woody, and spicy fragrance with floral notes. It is one of the traditional spices of the Amazon region


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