JUST THE ONE I LOVE - Traditional Full Strength Sugarcane Juice
Tall Grass Cane Juice

JUST THE ONE I LOVE - Traditional Full Strength Sugarcane Juice

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900ml bottles of pure Australian sugarcane juice – natural and super refreshing. Freshly cold-pressed and blast-frozen for delivery straight to your door. 

There is only one flavour for you!
Choose 3,4,5 or 6 bottles of a single flavour 

Full Strength – Sweet as! Sugarcane juice with no added flavouring (aside from a little touch of lemon to help preserve it). Perfect as a mixer for your own tropical drink inventions, excellent sweetener in cooking and baking, or straight-up on ice.

Some important stuff to keep in mind…

We only ship to the greater Sydney region (postcodes starting with 20 are all good, as well as some, but not all, 21 and 22). Details on ‘Store Policy Page’.

We only ship if next day delivery can be guaranteed. 
Orders placed Mon to Thu before 10am will arrive the following day.
Orders placed Fri to Sun will ship on Mon for arrival on Tue. 

Your juice has been frozen to ensure it reaches you in best condition. Each bottle contains 900ml of juice to allow for expansion due to the freezing process. It will arrive semi-thawed to cold.

…BEFORE ordering please take a look at our ‘Store Policy Page’ for more details

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