Mushroom, Lentil & Red Wine Pot Pie
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Mushroom, Lentil & Red Wine Pot Pie

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A hearty stew of red wine, button & field mushrooms, lentils and roast onions, slow cooked with herbs, then topped with flaky puff pastry, and a sprinkle of cracked, black pepper. 

Goes really well with our Peas & Leeks in Thyme and Lemon 'Butter'.


Serving sizes


Our pot pies are over 1.2kg each, so there’s plenty to share. Four people can enjoy our lovely red wine & lentil pie with accompaniments, or three people on its own.


Ingredients & Allergens


Lentils, Mushrooms, Puff Pastry,  Onion, Celery, Carrot, Red Onion, Mushroom, Red Wine, 'Beef Style' Stock (Massel), Crushed Tomatoes, Maple Syrup, Olive Oil, Garlic, Tapioca, Rosemary, Bay Leaf, Salt, Black Pepper,  Salt


Allergens: SOY, WHEAT, GLUTEN. Contains Alcohol.


Allergen statement: Whilst all of our food is made with entirely plant-based ingredients, using equipment used only for plant-based food, our kitchen facilities are shared with other businesses. As such, at this time, we cannot guarantee our food is allergen free. That includes: gluten, wheat, fish, shellfish, peanuts, milk, egg and sesame seeds. We apologise to all of our friends with severe allergies. For further information, please feel free to contact us at


Cooking Instructions 


Cook your Red Wine, Mushroom & Lentil pot pie from frozen.

Remove wrapper and place in the compost where possible, or keep to return to one of the Plant Kitchen team when they drop off your next order.

Place in a 180C oven and cook, uncovered, for 45-60 minutes or until piping hot & golden & puffed on top.

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