So Why Become Vegan by S Kimler
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So Why Become Vegan by S Kimler

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While walking on a beach in Bali, a friend asked me - "S0, why did you become a vegan?" It was at that moment that I thought to write this book. The answer to that question is a combination of everything that I had come to understand in my life. We all need to become more aware of the impact our choices are making upon ourselves, the earth and every living thing on it. The health and well being of all living creatures depends on these choices. A vegan lifestyle is as cruel-free as possible, environmentally friendly and extremely healthy. This book will take you on a confronting and informative journey from which there may be no return. Stimulate your thoughts, challenge old belief patterns and allow your awareness to expand and the path will appear, and so might the question - So, why become vegan? 


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