Unwrapped Organic Shampoo & Body Bar, 180g
Unwrapped Organic Shampoo & Body Bar, 180g
Unwrapped Organic Shampoo & Body Bar, 180g
Unwrapped Organic Shampoo & Body Bar, 180g
Unwrapped Organic Shampoo & Body Bar, 180g
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Unwrapped Organic Shampoo & Body Bar, 180g

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An all natural shampoo and body bar, made from organic olive and laurel (ghar) oils, unwrapped for sustainability.

This unique soap is handmade from organic olive oil with added laurel berry oil from the Laurus nobili or bay tree. It is an especially soft, gentle soap, 100% natural, biodegradable and chemical free suited to every skin type, even for babies.

A gentle soap for all skin and hair types with a nourishing and moisturising natural formula, this soap comes with a fascinating history.  The Palestinian city of Nablus and the Syrian city of Aleppo have been centres of soap making for more than 2000 years. Nablus became known for its pure olive oil soap, but the soap-makers of Aleppo developed the famous the famed “Savon d’Alep” made from olive oil, laurel berry oil (zeit ghar), water and lye. Bay trees (scientific name Laurus nobilis) need to be at least 10 years old before they flower and produce the berries containing the special oil for this soap.  As it is produced only from natural oils, the soap is also biodegradable.  This Aleppo-style soap is also made in Nablus, Palestine, but its English name reminds us that its recipe originated in Aleppo.

A pure and gentle soap, based on organic olive and laurel oils, which is wonderfully kind to the skin and hair. Kind to the environment too – no preservatives, not tested on animals, no plastic, and no wrapping so no waste.

Compliant with the certification scheme of ECOCERT Greenlife NATURAL AND ORGANIC COSMETICS.

Size: 200g – weights may vary slightly as the soap is hand-cut

Ingredients: Ghar (Laurel Oil), Natural Oils, Food Grade Sodium Hydroxide, Aqua

Producer: Nablus Soap Company, West Bank, Palestine

About Nablus Soap Company
Nablus Soap offers us a glimpse of the beauty, grace, and healing powers of a family craft, 400 years in the making. Since 1611, many generations of artisan soap have been produced by the Tbeleh family. All the soaps of the Nablus Soap Company are 100% natural and made by hand.  The family has been well known for hundreds of years in the sector, with a reputation that goes so far that the man who cuts the soap into blocks is called ‘Tubeili’, a clear reference to the family. Today Nablus Soap has reached the global markets gaining an impressive popularity, made famous by its traditional production, intrinsic healing, and authentic charm. And it is no surprise why!

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